Ugly Cakes

Not pretty, just pretty tasty.

No edible glitter, frou-frou icing, or baked goods that are too pretty to eat. Instead of time spent on the looks, we spend our time on the taste. Our recipes have been changed and perfected over the years and passed down from previous generations in our family. Homemade baked goods with real ingredients. There will be no crumb left behind.




How "Ugly Cakes" came to be.

Hi! My name is Cindy and I'm the head (and only!) baker at Ugly Cakes. For as long as I can remember, I've been baking and cooking. I grew up in a home where my parents were not present in my life, so at a very young age my dear Grandmother taught me how to cook, bake, and take care of my younger siblings. I've been using my Grandmother's recipes for over 40 years and have always kept that "homemade" style in my baking, meaning my food is quite traditional-looking! I'm no cake decorator! My daughters have encouraged me for years to open a bakery, I just never thought my baked goods were pretty enough to sell. However, so many people have approached me over the years making requests for pies, cakes, and even auctioning off my German chocolate cakes at community gatherings, I figured my kids might have a point.

"Not Pretty, Just Pretty Tasty" is our motto. We jokingly suggest you "Eat In The Dark" and feature Calvin the Cupcake who is the face of the brand. In a market saturated with edible glitter, frou-frou icing, or baked goods that resemble fondant sculptures, we're pretty set on believing that taste will always conquer presentation.

Ugly Cakes Bakery is fulfilling a niche with family recipes produced from scratch that have been perfected over generations. Each item is made fresh and with great attention to flavor, ensuring the highest quality in taste. What it lacks in lavish looks it more than makes up for with lower prices than most confectioners would offer. We promise there will be no crumb left behind.